Book By Banter

Find out who's mates + will have the most fun together before the booking

What is Book By Banter?

Book By Banter is our new booking system where we recommend groups of friends for your function. All of ou Dolls are drama free + happy to work with anyone but there's just something about knowing you're about to work with your work bestie and the excitement and good vibes it brings with it. The happiness and excitement is contagious and it can set the foundations to an awesome fun filled event.

So what does this mean?

It means that when you make your booking inquiry we can send over all the individual collages with our personal recommendations for you to chose from AND/OR we can ask the Dolls to apply in a group of however many you need + you can get an idea of who loves working with who.

When should I Book By Banter?

Whenever you'd like! This service works really well for jobs further out of the CBD/anywhere carpooling may be necessary but our clients have loved the ease in booking like this for CBD bookings as well.